Lucas Menezes

Hello, I’m Lucas Menezes, a software engineer building Web apps

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Hello, I’m Lucas Menezes, a Software Engineer based in Belém, Brazil — the nature here are wonderful.

I have worked mainly remotely in the last few years, developing Web applications and sites for startups and organizations of all sizes, helping them to establish a refined digital presence.

Building progressive user-first digital products across the multiple devices and browsers. Is what I do.

I’m experienced on the front-end Web development (JavaScript ES5+, React, Angular, HTML, CSS, SVG, responsive design, accessibility, performance, SEO) and adjacent back-end (Node.js, PHP, RESTful APIs, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Git, CI/CD, AWS, Microsoft Azure).

Now I’m working at TCM-PA with public data based projects, learning more about software engineering and in free time making open source PWAs.

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