About me

Hello. I’m Lucas Menezes, a fullstack developer based in Belém, Brazil. I’m currently working at TCMPA and studying information systems at UFPA. In the last years, I’ve had the privilege of contribute with organizations of all sizes, building applications and websites thats helped them establish a refined digital presence.

Creating useful, fast and accessible digital products across the multiple existing devices and browsers is something I really enjoy doing.

The journey of solve problems with programming brought me here. I'm specialized in front-end with JavaScript / Angular / jQuery, HTML, CSS / Bootstrap and SVG. But also, capable to pull the back-end with Node.js / Express, PHP / Yii, SQL, REST APIs and cloud services. Always under Git and CI.

Now I’m making PWAs and mobile experiences, and learning data science. Feel free to check up my work and open source projects below.

Let’s talk

Get in touch to discuss your project or idea. If you prefer, email directly to hello@lucasm.dev